Corporate Travels to Cuba


DMC Cubafortravel is known for our professional, hardworking teams are dedicated to create innovative solutions that help achieve the objectives of our clients. You will embrace the Cuban history and culture of each of our destinations. Our local team are real insiders and will share their local know-how to find the best solutions.

  • Program design & management

  • Site inspections & venue selection

  • Program logistics & assistance

  • Manifest management

  • Bilingual staff

  • Transportation management

  • Airport transfers & Shuttle services

  • Unique transportation solutions

  • Tours & optional trips

  • Sports & recreational activities

  • Dine around programs

  • Special events & celebrations

  • Decor & thematic design

  • Catering management & menu design

  • Interactive environments

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Managing the Details

Evaluate and compare hotels, venue options and activities to ensure they fit the group’s demographic profile, the size of the audience and the customer’s expectations. We find the right situations for our customers.

Showcase Cuba’s best new locations, unique program elements and fresh creative twists on traditional experiences. We take our customers where the public can’t go and create events that few will ever experience.

Recommend the details that ensure menus fit the moment, are properly sized and paired with wines that complement. Our goal is to eliminate redundancies in menu options throughout a program and to work with hotel food and beverage staff and restaurants to provide the variety, quality and timing our customers expect.

Create events that engage participants in a personal way through unique welcome receptions, team-building activities, competitive tours, rum and cigars taste and cooking classes, and program elements that create interaction with the every-day people of Cuba.

Support branding by incorporating company logos, corporate colors and program-related themes into special events, décor elements, entertainment options, activities and program signage.

Deliver great performances from some of Cuban’s best entertainers. We provide access to entertainment that fits the group’s personality, the venue and the objectives and budgets of our customers — and we manage contracts and rider requirements to our customer’s advantage.

Protect client interests by ensuring confidentiality, reviewing potential corporate conflicts, being aware of competition and providing information security. We are an extension of our customer’s team and operate as if we are one.
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Managing the Logistics

Live inside the details with precise timetables for every event and all activities to ensure a final product that will be memorable for all the right reasons. Constant and consistent communication with our customers and our partners is key to the successful execution of events that become lifetime memories.

Plan for success with every group movement by with well-considered timing, proper support staff planning, a commitment to deliver an extraordinary service, and with special attention paid to the issues of safety, comfort and financial considerations.

Execute the plan and proactively manage arrivals and departures, cancellations and additions, transportation and staffing resources, financial issues and service levels.

Expect the unexpected and plan for it, whether it’s to avoid street closings, construction sites, weather related complications, legal conflicts or an issue of safety for any guest on any program. We stay prepared.

Manage service levels with our vendors and partners to ensure communication is being achieved and that every person who touches the program is knowledgeable and trained to deliver what’s expected. Every service we provide, from floral to décor, entertainment to venue rental, we stand behind our promise to deliver success.

Deliver constancy & quality by holding our partners to the highest standards and legal standing. Insurance, licenses, safety training, dress codes and procedures are all under out watchful eye. Our relationships are strong, and they allow us to negotiate for the services required, the timing, the delivery and the costs to our customer’s benefit. After each program we audit all invoices to ensure quotes were held to and all information provided is accurate and complete.
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