Varadero, Cuba

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We are pleased to welcome you to Varadero, the most famous beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean.

The transparency of its waters, the different tones of blue, the fine white sand, the warm weather, the vegetation and the open landscape turn this location into an unforgettable resort.

It is located only 138 km from Havana City, on the northern coast of the province of Matanzas, and close to the cities of Matanzas and Cárdenas, both of them full of history and heritage and cultural values.

From Varadero you will be able to travel to any of the interesting places of the Cuban geography. We will also provide for you our typical cocktails and our excellent cuisine, the good music, the Cuban joy, our dances and culture in its different expressions. All sea-related sports have their ideal place in Varadero. There is also an excellent 18 hole-golf course.

Varadero is also very proud to offer a great security for its visitors as well as the warmth and hospitality of its people who are always willing to share their joy, culture and European and African roots, turning Cuban into the best host. Come to enjoy with us all the blue of the Caribbean and you will make sure that Varadero is more than a dream; Varadero is for you.
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Varadero Beach Resort

The beach resort of Varadero is Cuban tourism at its most developed. Occupying the Peninsula de Hicacos, its main attraction has always been its marvelous beach, but this isn't all it has to offer. You can explore its caves and escarpments, a necklace of virgin cays that are easy to get to and the carefully preserved natural landscape at the northeastern end of the peninsula.

Varahicacos Ecological Reserve

Diversity in tropical ecosystems, the presence of a rich flora, national and local, as well as migratory birds on certain moments of the year, makes of this a marvelous option for visitors. Here are also located the oldest saltworks ruins of Cuba and the Caribbean, archeological sites and aboriginal pictographies, looked after by a majestic endemic cactus known as The Patriarch, believed to be over 500 years old.

Varadero Golf Club & Mansion Xanadú
The only 18-hole 72 par golf course in Cuba, where Alfred Dupont once installed a 9-hole golf course for his personal recreation in an exclusive area of 180ha and a few meters from the coastline. The center was designed by architect Le Furber, in a combination of styles among palms, ponds, and bridges.

Matanzas City

Recreated by painters and sung by poets and musicians, Matanzas is also distinguished for the proliferation of bridges that enrich its urban lattice, to the city of Matanzas (been founded in 1693) it is known indistinctly as the “Athens of Cuba”. There, next to a beautiful bay, was also born a popular rhythm of soft cadence and diverse sound bells, fact to dance in living rooms and for couple: the Danzón, and a sui-géneris Pharmaceutical Museum stands out among the cultural proposals.

Peninsula de Zapata Natural Park

An idyllic playground for ecotourists and scuba divers. Sparsely populated and zealously protected, most of the region lies within the Ciénaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve, habitat of rare birds, crocodiles and a wide variety of ecosystems.[Contact us]

Varadero Experiences

All-Inclusive Sun & Beach Relax
Time at leisure in the All-Inclusive Beach Resort in Varadero, an ideal destination for watersports and enjoying the waters off-shore. Most all-inclusive resorts offer a range of non-motorized water sports free of charge, for example: kayaks, pedal boats, sailing, sail and boogie boarding, snorkeling, introductory scuba diving lesson, water bicycles, etc.

Team Building
Enhanced your team! A bit of friendly competition to revive your team spirit: Dancing Challenges, Cuban Cocktails Masterclass, Hiden Tresure ot Olympic Games. An easy way to improve your skills enjoying and learning.

Catamaran Cruise
Setting sail in a comfortable catamaran will take you off-shore to enjoy the beauty of the turquoise waters surrounding the Varadero peninsula. Enjoy an snorkeling sesion in a coral reef, swim with dolphins and drops anchor off the gorgeous and virgin beach of Cayo Blanco.

Scuba Diving
Our diving area extends along more than 40 miles to the North and South of Matanzas, including the nearby cays with spots located between 4 and 35m deep, with 32 coral reefs, underwater caves, tunnels, and mudholes covered by corals of varied colours and forms where tropical multi-coloured fish specimens rhythmically swim.

Jeep Safari Adventure
Attractive excursions in SUV, where you will life a mixing adventure and enjoyment of nature, knowing the natural historical values of the north coast of Matanzas.

Varadero Parachuting Club give you the opportunity of skydiving through the Varadero sky. The magnificence of the view from 3000 meters high, looking down to the large peninsula surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and marked by the sandy beach on the north coast.

Academia de Arte y Cultura
Meeting of Casino and Salsa local dancers and enthusiastic Cuban dance teachers to learn the Cuban dances.[Contact us]

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