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The magic of Cuba's cities can be seen in their many architectural styles. Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Camagüey and Havana are museums in themselves, and parts of UNESCO World Heritage.

Cuba has more than 186 miles of top-quality fine sandy beachs bathed by warm, calm, clear water, a great plus for all who want beach vacations at any time of the year. Ir also has more than 4000 cays.

Cuba have six world biosphere preserves; several ecological preserves and nature parks; and a wide range of flora and fauna, including many endemic species and some rarities.

Hidden Secrets of Cuba

Cuba means sunshines, bright colors, new and intriguing tastes... It means joy and warmth, beautiful natural attractions and interesting cities. An island of marked contrasts, Cuba promotes the essence of the human spirit; it is the very best place for enjoying the Caribbean and the special characteristics of its people, for sharing in their joy.

More than sun and sand, its other natural attractions, its traditions and it music, Cuba is its people and their history. It is the magic of its countryside, cities and seabed. It invites you to share in the adventures, myths, legends and marvelous reality of its natural, cultural and tourist attractions.

It´s not possible to see everything that Cuba has to offer in one visit, and we don’t suggest you try. What follows is a selective taste of the Cuban´s highlights, from lively festivals to natural wonders and stunning architecture.

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