Cayo Levisa in Pinar del Rio

Key or Cayo Levisa is the dream presentation of the remote tropical island with sand white beaches...

Cayo Levisa

Key or Cayo Levisa is the dream presentation of the remote tropcial island with sand white beaches. It lies on the north coast of Pinar del Rio province. The island is small as you can walk around it in less then an hour. It has a basic 3 stars hotel and a beautiful beach. It is nature and really low key.

In the 40 ies the American writer Hemingway lived for a short while on the nearby island Paraiso or Paradisus. His book “Islands in the stream” is about a misogynist loner living on a desolate island in the Caribbean. From Cayo Levisa boats leave to the island which has a beautiful setting. Most people though come for diving or snorkeling as the underwater world is rich of corals and tropical fish. In Cayo Levisa is a dive centre and boats to satisfy your demands.

To get there you need a rental car to get to the embarkation point of Palma Rubia where a small boat can get you to Cayo Levisa in front (30 min.). There is a boat leaving at 09.00 and 10.00 AM and 5 and 6 PM. With an extra fee they can bring you across also on other hours. There are day excursions going from Havana and Viñales to Cayo Levisa as well. Reservation on the island is advisable as there is no other hotel nearby.

The hotel on Cayo Levisa has 33 bungalow rooms which are quite recently constructed and almoast entirely out of wood. The rooms have private bathroom and satelite TV. There is a restaurant and bar right at the beach. The hotel Cayo Levisa has no all inclusive option. We recommend to take at least half board as there are no other options for food as the restaurant.