Privately travelling through Cuba.

Cuba is a beautiful and very varied country to visit privately.

Cuba is a beautiful and varied country to visit privately.

Contact proposes a number of captivating programs that make you experience the country in all its facets. Colonial buildings and city centres, monuments from its unique Socialist Revolution, accessible tropical nature, night life with the smoke of cigars and on the rhythms of the salsa, Caribbean kitchen with a soft creole touch and everywhere a blithering sunshine in the smiles of the people. This you find in Cuba and will bring you to it.

Our programs are not mass products you find everywhere. We have thought about this and they are the results of years of visiting the places and listening to other visitors. Apart from the trips we propose we are always ready to design for you a program according to your own wishes.
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  • Fly and drive

    Fly and drive packages: We provide you a car and hotelbookings so you can fully enjoy your trip through Cuba. We have fixed programs but are happy to work one out especially for you.

  • Guide-driver

    Guide-driver packages: We provide you a car and hotelbookings but also an experienced guide who will drive the vehicle as well. You travel through Cuba fully relaxed.

  • City - Beach

    City-beach combinations: A few days in Havana combined with a few days on the beaches of Varadero or one of the keys. We provide transfers and hotel assistance.