Cultural Trips to Cuba

Cultural Trips in CubaEspecially for the American market organizes tours in Cuba that focus on a specific item of the Cuban culture. The tours go deeply into the subject with on the spot visits to workshops, rehearsals, artists´ homes, cultural institutions, schools. Tours are guided by very knowledgeable guides on the subject with some visits or lectures hosted by specialists in their field.

These trips are tailor made on request of official institutions in the US like Universities or Cultural Funds. We don’t offer these trips on a seat in basis but we can organize on request of private persons and for any amount of participants.

Cultural program tours CubaThe topics can be:

- Cuban Architecture through the Ages, from colonial times to Art Nouveau scene, the minimalist use of concrete in the style of the 50ies, or the socialist projects of the 60ies and 70ies. The tour can be hosted by renowned architects. We can include visits to conservation projects by the Historian of the Old City.

- Cuban music, rhythms and dances. We organize dance classes to learn the Cuban salsa, son, rumba, chachacha. We visit life concerts of the Cuban music scene with Buenavista style music, Cuban jazz or even classical music performances. We take part in lectures about the history of Cuban music, visit rehearsals of the Havana ballet, or modern dance projects like theones of Liszt Alonso. We can visit community projects about music and dance, visit the arts schools of Cuba where the musicians of the future are formed.

- Visit the Cuban arts scene with paintings and painters of the present and the past (see below)