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Private sector opening up in state controlled Cuban tourism sector

08 08 2013

The state controlled tourist economy in Cuba has always been associated with certain dullness and lack of creativity in their touristic offers. The truth always has been a bit more complex but definitely a new wind is blowing in the biggest island of the Caribbean.

Since mid-2012 the Cuban government has permitted to the private sector to participate with initiatives vamp up the touristic offer. For sure it is diversifying the touristic industry and the emerging competition to the state services boosts the quality and creativity so badly needed.

Nowadays new restaurants open up in Havana satisfying even the most critical visitors. Event agencies sprout up with original ideas and professional material to decorate and support parties of any kind. Never will you be in need of the famous classic American vintage cars as private persons who always owned the majority of this Cuban heritage is now putting their properties at the service of tourism. In the most remote places you always will find now lodging in typical homestead accommodations.

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