Self drive

Cuba self drive holidays

Self drive

Cuba has a good road system with paved roads all over the island and even a highway in the west. Sign posts are sometimes deficient but gives you standard a road map with our fly and drive packages. And along the way there are plenty of helpful Cubans to show you the way. Driving in day time is not dangerous and the accident ratio is quite low in Cuba.

Classsic car in Trinidad CubaOur fly and drive packages have been developed because many people want to travel in couple or a small group of relatives or friends with a certain level of freedom to choose what they want to visit or do in the day, but without having the hassles of finding the hotel for the night.

We solve all these problems without compromising your sense of freedom. In communication by email before the trip with our commercial staff we work out the program as you want it, with hotels and transportation confirmed. We offer fixed packages with itinerary and level of hotels. But also give you the option to make up your itinerary and choose your hotels and car category yourself. Our commercial staff through email communication can advise you to set up a program for you.

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