Rental of vehicle with driver-guide

Guide-driver packages

Why not enjoy a private round trip with your own vehicle, hotels pre-booked, the route worked out beforehand based on your own preferences, and with the aidon the spot of an enthusiastic and professional guide who also drives the car or mini-van? From now on with all this is possible., is  the creator and organizer of many a-la-carte packages for individual travellers being sold in the European markets like Germany, Holland, Belgium, Finland and Sweden.
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Our driver-guide packages have been developed because many people want to travel in couple or a small group of relatives or friends with a certain level of freedom to choose what they want to visit or do in the day, but without having the hassles of finding the hotel for the night or having the stress of driving in an unfamiliar country.

We solve all these problems without compromising your sense of freedom. In communication by email before the trip with our commercial staff we work out the program as you want it, with hotels confirmed, entrances and meals included as you wish, and transportation secured on the days you want. On top a professional guide will go along who will drive your vehicle and give you assistance and explanations when you want in the language you prefer.

All visits all over the island are possible to be included in the programs. If there is a road we bring you there. If you want to change the routing on the spot it can be discussed and arranged with the driver-guide.

We include in the packages all costs of lodging and meals for the driver-guide, as well as costs for the car (insurance, gasoline) for the mileage as agreed. Extra usage of the car can be settled on the spot.

Rental of vehicle with driver-guide

Price in euro per dayincl. 250 km per dayExtra km.
Comfort car (max. 2 persons) 335 euro 50 euro cents
Mini-van (max. 5 persons) 495 euro 75 euro cent
Van (max. 8 persons) 555 euro 1 euro
16 seats bus (max. 12 persons) 655 euro 1 euro

We apply a few rules:

  • the hotels where you stay during the package must be booked through us.
  • in case you begin or end the rental outside of the Havana-Varadero area there is a surcharge.
  • the rental must be minimum 3 days and always in a row.

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