Visit Remedios in Cuba

A cosy little town...


The small village of Remedios is the epitome of colonial provincialism rich with history and charm. For those with time and sense for the beautiful should stop by Remedios.

The village was founded in the beginning of the conquest of Cuba by Vasco Porcallo de Figueroa but soon forgotten as history decided there would be no role in Cubas history for Remedios. The villagers just got by living on agriculture and the occasional trade. Back in colonial times they built a church that is used to be one of the finest in Cuba thanks to the nicely adorned altars.

Right at the square a colonial boutique hotel was restored and opened to tourism some years back. The hotel Mascotte is the best option for staying in Remedios. The hotel is full of charm and the experience of having dinner or breakfast overlooking the quiet village life on the square just makes you really feel at peace.
Next to the hotel is the cafeteria El Louvre which is one of the oldest still preserved bars in Cuba.

A cosy little town called Remedios... 
Remedios is known for its many stories and tales. Back in colonial times a free black man was living cross the square to the church in a simple shack. While walking around on the beach he found a statue of the Virgin Mary being thrown on the sand by the waves. He kept it in his home till the priest of the church found it and persuaded him to put the statue in the church. But somehow miraculously during the night the statue returned to the shack cross the square. And this on several occasions despite the priests efforst and the black mans honesty. Finally was decided to build a church on the spot where the black man was living in order to satisfy the wishes of the Virgin. The church is called the Church of the Virgin of the Good Voyage as it is dedicated to the sailors venturing their lifes on the ocean. It is the only square in Cuba that has 2 churches.

The best day to visit Remedios is on Christmas eve when the 2 districts of the village compete in a contest of making the most beautiful parade. For months they prepare a huge carnival wagon which is brought out for show on the 24th of december. To make a real party the whole village prepairs fire works which are all shot off into the night for hours and hours. The Christmas mass with fire works flying all over is one of the most halucinating folk experiences one can find in Cuba.

From Remedios driving through the sea to Cayo Santa Maria 
Near Remedios begins the road built on man led rocks in the sea that takes you through 45 km of sea to the islands Santa Maria and Las Brujas or the Witches. These virgin islands have beautiful beaches. You find here nice cosy 3 stars hotels like Cayo Las Brujas up to super-de-luxe 5 stars like Royal Hideaway Cayo Ensenachos.