Paradisus Rio de Oro

Paradisus Rio de Oro is by far the most refined beach resort in Cuba. Here you find the quality of the “Paradisus” concept of the Solmelia chain with spacious junior suites and excellent cuisine combined with the beautiful setting of the Holguin coast line.

Paradisus Rio de Oro is located at Playa Esmeralda at the north coast of the eastern province of Holguin. The airport of Holguin is at 65 km where domestic flights from Havana land daily as well as charter flights from Europe and Canada. The transfer is easily done in less then an hour.

paradisus rio de oro hotelParadisus Rio de Oro has 300 rooms which are divided into junior suites and superior junior suites. The superior rooms have apart from a number of amenities as extra that there is an open air shower in a closed patio at the back of the room for the romantic souls.
Apart from the grand buffet restaurant which has a really delicious offer, you find specialties restaurants like the Cuban restaurant, a French and Japanese restaurant, a pool and beach restaurant. Of course there are several bars, pools, health and fitness facilities, etc..

What makes Paradisus Rio de Oro unique is the natural setting in the coast line forest of Playa Esmeralda and the way the hotel is integrated into it. The whole complex has many paths through the wood for leisure walking. You will find small corners with hidden beaches, many small animals living in their natural habitat and of course the long white beach of Playa Esmeralda. The setting redefines the word “Paradise”.

As in other Paradisus hotels of the chain the Paradisus Rio de Oro has 2 garden villas for top luxury and comfort in a private setting. This offer gives you your private villa with swimming pool and butler service. No need to eat out as everything of the all inclusive is arranged for you in your Garden Villa at Paradisus.

Things to do? 
Nearby many activities can be done like venturing into the country side behind the hotel. Driving up to the village of Banes you see many sugar cane fields, small villages of farmers living in the bohios or huts made out of palm wood. On the way you pass by the reconstruction of an Indian village of precolumbian times. This ride can be done easily in motor scooters that are for rent at the premisses. 
Going for a rental car or jeep one can go further and visit the birth-place of Fidel Castro in the small locality of Biran. The houses dating back to the beginning of the century have been preserved in its original state. They give a fairly good idea of how the founder of the Cuban Revolution passed his youth on his fathers farm. 
A unique experience can be also a visit to the Key Saetia. This island of 40 square km used to be a hunting resort for the Cuban military. African animals like zebras and antelopes were set out here and propagated freely. You can do a jeep safari just like in the Serengeti with the reeboks jumping everywhere out of the woods. To get there we suggest a genuine Russian helicopter adapted for passenger flights which give great opportunities to overview the surroundings.    
Or maybe visiting the water park Bahia del Naranjo where swimming with dolphins in the natural waters of the bay is part of the attraction.