The restaurant Cafe del Oriente

Cafe del Oriente is situated at the Plaza San Francisco in Old Havana

Café del Oriente

restaurant_cafe_del_orienteThe restaurant Cafe del Oriente is one of the finest places to go for dinner in the whole of Cuba. It is not for the budget minded but if quality is your prerequisite Café del Oriente is your place.

The colonial building has been redecorated in a typically Cuban eclectic style of the early 20 th century, mixing neo-classicism with Art Nouveau. The whole entourage is one of class with all waiters in tuxedo, high chairs, classic table mise-en-place and a genuine bar of precious tropical wood.
The kitchen is a mixture of international Haute Cuisine and tropical Cuban ingredients.
The presentation of the dishes is very refined and pleasing to the eye.

After welcome mojito cocktail we suggest a chef’s pâté with brandy or salmon rose with caviar. The house entry is the Delights of Cafe del Oriente, a mixed salad of chicken, fresh fruits and mayonnaise. As main dish we suggest the mixed seafood grill of lobster and shrimps in tomato sauce. Of course a Chateaubriand with sauce béarnaise is always an option. Or keep it simple with the Shrimps Orly, a plate of breaded shrimps with tartar sauce. Don’t forget to ask for the special dessert menu and go for the Crepes Suzettes which are flamed by the chef right next to your table. With coffee and rum you can enjoy your own Cohiba.

Cafe del Oriente is situated at the Plaza San Francisco in Old Havana. It opens from 11 AM till 11 PM. Reservations are normally not necessary unless a big group has been booked.