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Why do an incentive in Cuba? Cuba as destination 

DMC in CubaTo visit Cuba is to go through a unique experience. The country is a time warp. This is a world with little access to internet or wifi, full of cars of the 50ies, no publicity billboard, no presence of international brands. This is a familiar Western culture but completely lost in time. Nowhere in the world you can find this and it is this kind of experience that makes travel in general worthwhile.

-          People are authentically friendly and hospitable. People are honest and good in nature, not always efficient and professionally serviceable but they are good people with an open heart, very sociable and communicative.

-          Cuba is a treasure of cultural history. From the 17th till the 20th century Havana has been one of the leading cities of the world, the Latin-American city by excellence, with a huge architectural patrimony. Nature is very varied here with protected tropical forests, mountains and sea side areas.

Cuba as destination-          Havana and a few other places have a buzzing nightlife carried by creative native musicians. This is the motherland of rum and the birthplace of many cocktails like mojito, cuba libre and piña colada. Here is a safe drugs-free nightlife scene hosted by its friendly people.

-          The weather is year round pleasantly warm, tropical and inviting. Very rarely the weather conditions make the planned activities impossible, on the contrary the weather makes them that much agreeable.  

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