Tailor made

Tailor made holidays and group tours throughout Cuba, Organizing events, tour for businessmen, specialists and experts

Tailor made

What we at Cubafortravel.com do most is tailor made programs. Our clients have specific requests for a theme related or special focus tour and we do our utmost to offer a possible and right program for the group in a country that difficult as Cuba. We are a Destination Management Company and it is not just about booking the hotels that you find all over the internet, or the busses that look the same all over the world. It is about sharing with you our knowledge about the destination and understanding your needs. And with all this propose to you the right program that guarantees the success not just of the tour but also of the travel agency in the home country that needs to present and sell the tour.

Find below a tailor made program for a group of cigar friends specifically designed to do in the first months of the year when tobacco is growing in the fields. 

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