Havana City Trip on Bike

This tour will take you in a cycling roundtrip through different areas of the city of Havana.

It is a cycling tour which is not heavy, with mostly plain roads, but watch out for the traffic. There are bicycles everywhere but the car is king of the road. Lots of exhaust fumes will come blowing at you from classic American cars and huge trucks, called camels, which serve public transportation.

This cycling tour can be done from hotels in Old Havana, as well as from Vedado near the Nacional Hotel or from the area around the Cohiba Hotel.

Starting point is Central Park. Here you find in the neighborhood hotels in the 3 star category like Park View, in the 4 star category Plaza, Inglaterra or Sevilla, or in the 5 star category NH-hotels Parque Central.

At the square you see great buildings like the Theater for Ballet, the Capitol building, the Museum of Bellas Artes. Old Havana begins at the square.

We take Prado Boulevard with its trees in the middle. We continue cycling until Malecon where traffic lights help you turn left up to this famous sea front promenade. At the right side of the road you have a path exclusive for cycling.

On Malecon you pass by the 3 star Deauville hotel.

About 2 km further you see on your left the huge building of the Ameijeiras Hospital.

At 3 km you see on your left the majestic 5 star Nacional hotel on the top of the rocks. In this neighbourhood you find more hotels like Saint John and Vedado in the 3 star category. You also have the 5 star Havana Libre high above Nacional.

At the traffic lights beyond Nacional you turn left to the hill leading to the entrance of Nacional. On your right you see the statue of Jose Marti at the square Anti Imperialista in front of the US interests section.

Before going up the hill to Nacional you turn right into street 19.On the corner of the streets you see a concrete block with the street numbers.

You continue cycling in this street and cross Presidents Avenue or G. At street B there is a big food market which might be worth a visit. Be careful not to let the bike without supervision.

You continue along 19 street and cross Paseo Boulevard. At the corner of 4 you go right to the Park of street 17. There you see a statue of John Lennon sitting on a bench.

You go back to 19 to continue till the crossing with street 12. There you take left.

You continue cycling till the traffic lights of 23 and 12 where Fidel Castro delivered one of his famous speeches in 1961 declaring the socialist and communist character of the revolution. On the corner you see a commemoration stone.

You cycle straight and see the huge gate of the Cemetery Christopher Columbus. It is worth a visit and after paying the entrance you can wander around with your bike through the cemetery.

Leave the cemetery as you came in and take right on leaving. The road goes slightly up hill till the traffic lights where you keep on the right path taking the huge Paseo boulevard leading up to the Plaza de la Revolución.

To make a stop here beware that you are not allowed to drive with the bike over the square. Best is to take left when you arrive at the square driving straight to the huge face of Che Guevara. At the stop sign go right driving around the square until you arrive at the parking lot where the taxis and busses park.

To continue take the two lanes boulevard along the Postal Building. Watch out because both lanes go in the same direction. Best take the most right one.

At the second traffic light there is a huge intersection, take right and cycle on the middle lane. This is Carlos Tercero Boulevard.

At the traffic lights go left, not into the big street in the middle but into a smaller street at the far right. This street takes you to Zanja street where you go right.

We are in Centro Havana where streets are bit dusty and in bad shape, and many people live in old derelict buildings.

We cycle passing the Chinese quarter, clearly distinguishable on your right.

At the traffic lights behind the Chinese quarter, you take right and then at the first intersection you take back left. Now you drive through a Chinese gate straight to the back side of the Capitol building. On the left is the famous Partagas cigar factory.

At the cross section with Prado Boulevard you take left passing by the front of Capitol building. You see the trees of Central Park before you.

Rates and conditions

Rates depend on amount of persons participating. We only do this tour for groups on exclusive basis, not for individual participants.

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