Our History started in Cuba in the beginning of the 90ies with train tours for specialists. We visited sugar centrals and witnessed how 100 year old steam trains were used to bring in the sugar harvest. In 1997 we started an office in Havana to supervise and coordinate our visitors in Cuba. We extended our operations to many nationalities and many kinds of touristic activities.  

Cubafortravel is also specialized in incentive travel. Amongst its clients are big international companies like:

  • IT businesses: Toshiba, Infotec, Canon
  • Car Industry: Renault, Fiat,..
  • Financial World: AXA, OVB, RVS, MLP, Wesbank
  • Telecommunication: Vodafon

At present we have offices in Havana and Varadero. We work together with the state operators Cubatur and San Cristobal. 

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