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Who we are... is a website that promotes and organizes tourist stays in Cuba. We can reserve hotel stays, rental cars, transfers, excursions and flights in Cuba for individual and group travel. is a cooperation between the internet company Dorsemo SA and the International Tour Operator Transnico International. From its offices in Havana and Varadero Transnico guarantees the quality and creativeness of all services offered in Transnico has 15 years of activity in Cuba in full agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and its representatives.

In these years Transnico has coordinated in Cuba tourist services for many tour operators from the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland, and the USA .

Transnico is also specialized in incentive travel. Amongst its clients are big international companies like:

  • IT businesses: Toshiba, Infotec, Canon
  • Car Industry: Renault, Fiat,
  • Financial World: AXA, OVB, RVS, MLP, Wesbank
  • Telecommunication: Vodafon

Transnico has representation partners in the US and Holland for these markets. To contact them mail to
The manager of the Group Department, Mr Johan Dorssemont, is member of:

Contact him at

Transnico office
The office of Transnico in Lonja del Comercio 6th floor,
Plaza San Francisco, Old Havana.

Our goals...

We pride ourselves not to be a reservation machine. Our staff has a great knowledge and passion for Cuba. We want to share this passion with the visitors of our site. We help you set set up the ideal tour through internet communication sharing with our guests this passion and knowledge. Once decided we make the necessary reservations in a professional way. When you arrive in Cuba, you will meet us and for any circumstance we are here to assist you.

We see Cuba as more then just beautiful beaches and sunny weather. We know that the best holidays are unforgettable experiences of the unexpected, the unimaginable. Cuba has great nature, a friendly people, surprising cuisine, wonderful music and safe nightlife. In the trips we make for you, you will discover it all.

With this site Transnico is reaching out through the web all over the world to come to Cuba in group or individually. Through e-mail contact with us you will decide your trip. On the spot the Transnico staff guarantees a correct execution of the trip. Transnico and welcome you to Cuba and wish you a trip of a lifetime.


transnico Transnico International is a tour operator with main office in Brussels, the capital of Europe.
Transnico has an official license of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce. and is member of
the thrustworthy Belgian Guarantee Fund for Tourism. Transnico is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba and represented by the state agency Cubatur.

Dorsemo SA is an internet company. We specialize in marketing through internet for businesses in the tourist sector in Cuba. Owner of Dorsemo SA is Mr Johan Dorssemont, also manager of the Cuba office of Transnico. You can contact him at

Transnico International is the Cuban member of the professional association 'World of DMCs'. Find more about this interesting association here.

world of dmc

Mr. Johan Dorssemont, manager of the site, is member of the International Society of Travel Executives.


and member of the International Webmasters Association.

Webmasters association

Transnico has contracts with all major hotels and hotel chains, transport and touristic service companies operating in the Cuban territory.



Transnico International,

European office: Avenue de Floreal 156, 1180 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: + 32 2 3444690
Cuba office: Lonja del Comercio 6 D-E, Plaza San Francisco, Havana, Cuba. Tel: + 53 7 8669954.
Cuba office: Calle 14, entre 1 era y playa, Varadero, Cuba. Tel: + 53 45 667570

Dorsemo SA

Operating address: Lonja del Comercio 6D, Plaza San Francisco, Havana, Cuba. Tel: + 53 7 8669954.


Special thanks

We would like to offer our special thanks to Carlos Leon for his voluntary and invaluable work with the flashes and formats in making this site (mail: and to Milan Derolland for his contribution to the photo work (mail: A special thanks to Mr Thierry Nicolas for his cooperation in the project.
We also thank the many sites that are linking to us.


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